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My journey with cancer

  • Intermission

    14. september 2019 av

    I know a lot of you wonder how Tony is doing since he has been quiet lately. Due to his struggles with extreme pain, doctors have fitted a drug pump which ensures a continuous flow of opioids. Good news is, the pain issue is under control for now. However, this solution is a lesser of… Les mer

  • Days lost in the morphine vortex

    8. september 2019 av

    I spent seven days at Kalnes hospital, being treated for severe pain in my right leg. Despite all efforts, the medical team was unable to find a combination of drugs that would work satisfacory, even though my regular dose of morning pain killers is enough to kill a regular person. Consequently, I have been on… Les mer

  • Update from the hospital bed

    2. september 2019 av

    After a good nights sleep last night (which we achieved after the right meds), we awoke with a firm plan for the days activities. With 185mph winds over Florida and Tornado Dorian hammering over Bahamas and the Florida and mass shootings going on in Texas, my little tragedy seems very small. We had to negotiate… Les mer

  • Unexpected hospital visit

    1. september 2019 av

    CANCER BLOG – NEW UPDATE. – HOSPITALISED. Yesterday (Friday 30th August) I couldn’t leave the house and missed half the day, because I had no sleep through the night with all the pain and resorted to a second sleeping pill on top of the pain killers. This left me a little stupefied, although we did… Les mer

  • End of treatment

    28. august 2019 av

    Cancer blog SUNDAY MORNING / DAYTIME 25th AUGUST – I’ll make this the last of the hospital BLOGS, because my memory is hazed with drugs and recollections are hazy.I’m now effectively, resigned to a wheelchair, a shopping trolly, two crutches and a walking stick. That is it, for now. I am pretty much a crippled… Les mer

  • Wheels

    24. august 2019 av

    CANCER BLOG / FRIDAY 23rd AUGUST / OSLO HOSPITAL Opening weight – 83-.3 Kg Fresh cool autumn morning; the right leg, slow to wake but I madeIt ouside the hospital by wheelchair; I did not try and walk. ‘Wolf’, the night nurse, suggested earlier I try walking the wheelchair to the outside of the hospital,… Les mer

  • Coffee, pee and pain in knee

    22. august 2019 av

    Thursday 22nd August / Oslo Hospital 05.15 – Up with great desire for large coffee in a big new mug, all the way from my friend, Brad, from Colorado!! (He knows about my BIG SWALLOW !!!Hits the spot, with one clear shot!!!)Pins and needles, very large this morning, so that they bite me whether I… Les mer

  • Ergotherapy

    21. august 2019 av

    Wednesday 21 August. Well, I woke up at 07.40 with the hazy sun fighting it’s way through the far windows, and as I turned over, the cramp bit me right in the ass. And it didn’t stop. i tried to shake it off, but it was persistent. I had to jump clean out of bed… Les mer

  • Days 5-7 of radiotherapy

    20. august 2019 av

    Day 5. Sunday 18th August I returned to the hospital on Sunday night, tired from the travelling of only a couple of hours and settled back in to my room whilst an electric storm brewed up outside. 33 channels of shit on the TV to choose from. Pink Floyd were always right about that one.… Les mer

  • 10 days of radiotherapy

    18. august 2019 av

    August 17th, 2019 TEN DAYS of RADIOTHERAPY in OSLO Hospital. Three days ago, I fairly bounced into the cancer treatment ward in Oslo, with work in my travel case and spare pop in my suitcase, thinking it was the same as any other day apart from a few pains in my thighs and pins and… Les mer

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